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City Costs

Below are typical event costs that may be charged to Event Organizers by the City of San Jose on public property. Events on private property may include some of the below costs as well. Depending on the specific event, only certain costs will apply and in some cases, more costs may apply. One of the ways you might control your costs is by eliminating certain things that incur additional costs, such as street closings or alcohol sales. In addition, it may be cost effective to utilize private vendors to provide some event support services, where possible.

This list covers only some of the fees and costs that may be involved in hosting an event. A cost estimate will be included with your permit approval letter. Event billings for City services will not exceed cost estimates by more than 10%, unless the scope of the required services changes significantly after the cost estimates are prepared. Pursuant to City Council Policy 5-2, the Departments of the City of San Jose are obligated to charge full cost recovery for services provided by the City to special events.

The amounts listed below are based on rates effective as of July 1, 2013, at the time this list was prepared and are subject to change. On a yearly basis, the City Council adopts rate policies. Contact the City Clerk for more information (408) 535.1266 or visit www.sanjoseca.gov.

You may be required to pay some or all costs in advance of your event. A Special Events Application must be received a minimum of 45 days prior to event.

1. Paseo / Plaza Permit Application
Paseo/plaza use permits...$275
Paseo/plaza series pemits...$420.00
Parque de los Pobladores permit...$60.00
Parque de los Pobladores series permit...$100.00
All events held in paseos and plazas downtown (e.g., Fairmont Plaza, Fountain Alley, Library West Plaza, Paseo de San Antonio One through Four, etc.) are subject to provisions of City Ordinance No. 24938.

2. Special Park Use
Application Fee…$40.00
Permit Fee…$550 (small event), $1,000 (medium event) and $1,400 (large event)
Trail Use Fee...$200 (small event), $500.00 (medium event) and $1000 (large event)
Setup/Take Downs…$150 (small event) or $300 (medium/large event)
Cleaning/Damage Deposit…$250 and upwards (depending on size, location, history etc.)

Special Park Use does charge a cancellation fee.

3. Police Officers/Parking, Traffic & Control Officers
You may be required to hire San Jose Police Officers and/or Parking Traffic and Control Officers (PTCOs) to provide safety services for traffic management. Alcohol sales at your event will require police officers. A cost estimate for these services will be provided to you, along with costs for the permit approval process.

Authorization from San Jose Police Department (SJPD) for alcohol permits...$92.00

Annual processing fee to employ off-duty police … $396 (new permit), $235 (event lasting 5 consecutive days or less), schools and public entities...$35. Maximum hourly rate for all secondary employment (outside uniform employment)...$55.00 per hour (minimum $165.00 per assignment). Maximum hourly rate for secondary employment officers for Traffic Control...$55.00 (minimum $165.00 per assignment)

For all of the above: Time and one-half will be charged on any assignment exceeding 8 hours. This includes any on-duty officers who have finished an 8-hour shift and must continue to work off-duty.
Note: Double time will be charged on some holidays.

Parking, Traffic & Control Officers (PTCO's) may be used for some traffic management locations...$33.84 per hour.

4. Street Closures
Street closure permits...$208
Parade permit...$198
Public safety equipment rental: barricades and delineators....$4.25 each, Cones....$4.00 each.

Note: Street Closure may require use of S. J. Police Officers and/or PTCO's. See above for cost details.

5. Tow Zone and Closing Parking Meters
Tow zone permit...$30
Tow zone sign, each, plus tax...$0.64
Bagging or shutting down parking meters...$5 per meter per day
Employee and truck time, based on actual use...TBD

6. Fire Department
Site inspection, plan review, fire watch...Employee's hourly rate at $108.00 with a three hour minimum.

Pyrotechnic Permit...$550

Festival/Carnival/Fair Permit...$217
Parade/Float Permit…$384 plus hourly rate if review surpasses 1 hour
Tent Permit…$550 plus hourly rate if review surpasses 1 hour

7. Public Works Department - Electrical
If electrical hook up and/or power to stages, booths, etc. is provided by the City electricians, there are charges for labor, vehicle usage, materials, and related costs.

There is not a charge for actual power used.

8. Proof of Insurance
Insurance minimums that may be required by the City's Office of Risk Management:
- Commercial General Liability $1,000,000

- Automobile Liability $1,000,000

- Liquor Liability $1,000,000

- Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability $100,000 per accident (required by Labor Code of the State of California)

**Please note that additional details for insurance may apply. Please be sure to consult OCA staff at (408) 793.4344 for specific event requirements.

The certificate of insurance holder must be the City of San Jose with additional insured language naming the City of San Jose, its officers, employees, agents and contractors as Additional Insured. All insurance requirements must be met and an insurance certificate must be on file with OCA prior to the event.

9. Street Light Pole Banners
Installation/removal of vertical banners on pre-established street light poles, each...$47. Banners must be provided by the Event organizer. On occasion, banner arms may be added to street poles to support banners at the Event Organizer’s expense. Banners must be provided by the Event organizer. Banners must be the exact size outlined in the Banners Guidelines to fit the City’s banner hardware.

10. Temporary Seller's Permit
Permit and fee handled by the State of California, Board of Equalization. Call (408) 277.1807 for costs.

11. Food Permit
Permit and fee(s) handled by the County of Santa Clara, Department of Environmental Health. Call (408) 918.3400, main number, for whom to speak to about costs.

12. FAA Approval
Parachute jumps, fireworks, helicopters, grounded airplanes, etc. all require FAA approval.

13. Caltrans Approval
Encroachment on San Carlos Street or Market Street, or any ramps on or off California highways requires approval from Caltrans. Call (408) 452.7131 for costs.

14. California Highway Patrol
Closing any on or off ramps to California highways requires approval from the California Highway Patrol.

Note: The Fees and Costs identified herein are current as of July 2012 and are provided for information only. No representation is made as to the accuracy of rates after that date, nor is any representation made that this is a complete list of fees and charges that may apply to any particular event. If you have questions regarding the fees and charges that may apply to your event, please contact OCA at (408) 793.4344.

Last Modified: 09.18.13