OCA  City of San Jose, Office of Cultural Affairs

Arts Express - Arts Exposure

As of June 2011, the Office of Cultural Affairs is no longer providing the Arts Education programs and services listed and described in this section. While we firmly believe in the importance of arts education, the City's operating budget deficit resulted in the elimination of many important programs and services. Many of our San Jose arts organizations that have participated in OCA Arts Education programs over the years will continue to offer arts exposure, engagement and educational opportunities for San Jose youth.

For a calendar listing of free events (similar to previous Arts Express offerings) please visit http://artsup.shomler.com/index.html

For information about a new arts exposure program offered through Symphony Silicon Valley and 1stACT Silicon Valley, please visit www.artSPARKsv.org.

For additional information, email Arlene Biala, program manager, or call (408) 793.4332.

Last Modified: 11.02.11