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As of June 2011, the Office of Cultural Affairs is no longer providing the Arts Education programs and services listed and described in this section. While we firmly believe in the importance of arts education, the City's operating budget deficit resulted in the elimination of many important programs and services. Many of our San Jose arts organizations that have participated in OCA Arts Education programs over the years will continue to offer arts exposure, engagement and educational opportunities for San Jose youth.

For a calendar listing of free events (similar to previous Arts Express offerings) please visit http://artsup.shomler.com/index.html

For information about a new arts exposure program offered through Symphony Silicon Valley and 1stACT Silicon Valley, please visit www.artSPARKsv.org.

From 1978 to 2011, the Office of Cultural Affairs had provided arts education opportunities for community youth. Over the years, these have taken a variety of forms, including direct programs and services for youth, requirements that grantees participate in youth-serving programs, professional development opportunities for classroom teachers and teaching artists, and start-up funding for an independent regional arts education planning and support initiative.

In 2007 the OCA commissioned an independent assessment of its three current arts education program areas: arts exposure, after-school arts enrichment and professional development. The assessment was conducted by arts management consultant Victoria J. Saunders. Download her assessment report (PDF 2MB).

The OCA also initiated an arts education strategic plan to articulate the City of San Jose's role in arts education and guide implementation of programs and initiatives for the next five years. The plan was developed with many stakeholders and facilitated by The Cultural+Planning Group led by David Plettner. Download the strategic plan (PDF 277KB).

The Programs
Arts Express - Arts Exposure
After School
Professional Development

Where can I learn more about the role and value of the arts in education?
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