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Changing Artworks (Terminal B)

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Dreaming F.I.D.S

Artists: Ben Hooker + Shona Kitchen
Completed in 2010
Location: Concourse – Gate 26

San Jose Airport Dreaming FIDS

Airport information and security systems animate a dynamic aquatic ecosystem of schooling fish, underwater cameras and video screens. This artwork is both a celebration of the beauty of complex technological and organic systems and a statement about the ubiquitous prevalence of surveillance in our lives.

Aquatic specialists were consulted in the development and ongoing care of this project.

More about the artists may be found at their websites: and

Chronos and Kairos

Artists: Banny Banerjee, Matt Gorbet, Susan LK Gorbet and Margaret Orth
Completed in 2010
Location: Concourse – Gate 19

San Jose Airport Chronos and Kairos

Explore time through the movement of this suspended sculpture that ripples and reacts to passengers while maintaining an abacus-like counting pattern. Each row completes its count, and the moment is marked by the closing of a single element. The counting resumes until the total array closes; time stands still, and the counting resumes.

More about Margaret Orth’s work may be found at:

In-kind support: Animatics

Courtesy of Nature

Artists: Banny Banerjee, Matt Gorbet and Susan LK Gorbet
Completed in 2010
Location: Concourse (north) – 11 columns

San Jose Airport Courtesy of Nature

Two panels in each column juxtapose nature and technology. Initially the panels appear to be integral to the columns until the viewer stops to watch the subtly changing patters visually reminiscent of sunlight through trees. This environmentally responsive light sculpture uses external data to create the light effects of the LEDs.

In-kind support: Philips Lumileds

Wave Matter Tessellation

Artist: Greg Kucera
Completed in 2010
Location: Concourse (south) – 8 columns

San Jose Airport Wave Matter Tesselation

Pixelated panels located in the concourse columns are composed of thousands of holes, interpreting various wave forms – ripples in a pond, electromagnetic, radio, sound, radar and gravitational.

More about the artist may be found at his website:

Shifting Time – San Jose

Artist: Camille Utterback
Completed in 2010
Location: Arrivals Hall

San Jose Airport Shifting Time

This interactive piece is triggered by viewer movement in front of the projection surface. The projected images layer contemporary images of San Jose with archival photographs. The viewer controls their experience of the artwork through their back and forth movements along the length of the artwork.

More about the artist may be found at:

CONNECTED: Silicon Valley + Bangalore

Artist: Angela Buenning Filo
Completed in 2010
Location: Mezzanine

San Jose Airport Bangalore

Bangalore and Silicon Valley are distant yet interconnected. This photographic installation explores how each landscape has been transformed by technology booms and global economic trends.

More about the artist may be found at her website:

Sonic Gateway

Artist: Bill Fontana
Completed in 2010
Location: Gate 18 through 26 Jetways

The only exclusively audio piece in the Art + Technology program, arriving and departing passengers on their transition to/from flight hear compositions mixing local environmental, urban and historical sounds that connect San Jose and destination cities.

(Audio samples coming soon)

More about the artist may be found at his website:

The Wunderkammer

Artists: SuttonBeresCuller
Completed in 2010
Location: Arrivals Hall – Display Case

San Jose Airport Wunderkammer

San Jose Airport Wunderkammer

A modern day Cabinet of Curiosities – San Jose style. Wunderkammers or Kunstkammers were the Renaissance precursors to the modern day museum – collections of artistic, scientific and natural history artifacts owned by both aristocracy and the merchant class. Here the artists have conceived a natural history museum diorama of the San Jose region, created from recycled materials particularly resonant to the Silicon Valley.

More about the artists may be found at:

Small Wonders

Continuing the theme of Cabinet of Curiosities, this collection of artworks address the intersection of art, technology and digital culture. Work by 21 artists have been selected by San Jose’s ZER01 to explore a wide array of interpretations of the Art + Technology theme.

San Jose Airport Small Wonders

Featured Artists:
Saul Becker, Jim Campbell, Center for PostNatural History, Peter Chilvers and Sandra O’Neill, Beatriz da Costa, Amy Franceschini, Ken Goldberg and Karl F. Böhringer, Tad Hirsch, Misako Inaoka, Natalie Jeremijenko, Eduardo Kac, Erik Klein, Robert J. Lang, Christopher Locke, Frank Oppenheimer, John F. Simon, Jr., Stephanie Syjuco, Daina Taimina, Gail Wight

View more information about the project and artists.

Wall of Recognition

Designer: Carlos Perez/ArtOrigin
Location: Baggage Claim

This wall recognizes three prime-movers behind the San Jose airport: Ernie Renzel, James Nissen, and Norman Y. Mineta. Learn more about the airport history.

Last Modified: 05.21.12