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Permanent Artworks (Terminal B)

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Space Observer

Artist: Björn Schülke
Completed in 2010
Location: Mezzanine

Supported by

San Jose Airport Space Observer

Reminiscent of a space craft, this glossy white 26’ tall sculpture, perched on a tripod of 8’ tall legs, explores the interactivity between humans and modern technology. Engage with this elaborate, yet delicate object and it will quietly rotate with the aid of two propeller-tipped arms. Its “eye” reveals images picked up from embedded cameras .

More about the artist can be found at his website:


Artists: Nik Hafermaas, Dan Goods and Aaron Koblin
Completed in 2010
Location: Concourse

Supported by
Adobe Foundation

San Jose Airport eCloud

In this dynamic artwork with 2,000 squares of switchable glass squares suspended from the ceiling continuously change from opaque to transparent with the transmission of real-time weather data. Explore current weather conditions around the work on the artwork’s dynamic display.

More about the project including how it was created may be found at the project website:

More about the artists may be found at their websites:
Dan Goods:
Nik Hafermaas:
Aaron Koblin:

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