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Creative Entrepreneur Project

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Steering Committee

A group of experienced leaders from the tech business sector, community development, higher education, small business development, philanthropy, and the artist community served as the lens through which the discovery phase of the Creative Entrepreneur Project was assessed and advanced.

Creative Entrepreneur Project Steering Committee
Tamara Alvarado, Director of Multicultural Leadership, 1st ACT Silicon Valley
Hector Armienta, Founder/Artistic Director, Opera Cultura; Composer
Joe Boeddeker, CEO, FLAGG; Board Chair, Cogswell Polytechnical College
Michael Brilliot, Senior Planner, City of San José — Planning Department
Richard Chuang, Co-Founder, PDI Dreamworks; CEO, Pic 2
Chris Esparza, CEO, Giant Creative Enterprises; Arts Commissioner, City of San José
Kerry Adams Hapner,* Director of Cultural Affairs, City of San José — Office of Cultural Affairs
Brent Heisinger, Professor Emeritus of Music, San José State University; Composer
Elizabeth Lewis, Orchard Commercial
Ken Matsumoto, Founder and Director, ArtObject Gallery; Sculptor
Jacky Morales-Ferrand, Deputy Director, City of San José — Housing Department
Gail Price, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Chapter, American Institute of Architects
Anne Sconberg, Founder, Backwater Arts Gallery/Studios
Kim Walesh,* Chief Strategist, City of San José — Office of Economic Development
Bobby Yount, Managing Partner, Retirement Capital Strategies; Arts Commissioner, City of San José

* Co-chairs

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