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Executive Committee

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Executive Committee Meeting Schedule

The Executive Committee oversees ongoing activities of the Arts Commission, provides oversight for the Arts Program and Special Events Program, and reviews the program budget administered by the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Meets: The Executive Committee generally meets on the Monday one week prior to the week of an Arts Commission meeting. However, effective Fiscal Year 2011-2012 no Executive Committee meetings are scheduled for the months of July, September, November, December or June.

Meetings are typically held at City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara Street, San Jose, in the Tower, 14th Floor, Room T-1446 however the meeting room may vary.

Please refer to the agenda or contact the Office of Cultural Affairs for confirmation of the schedule and the meeting location.

(Note: Linked PDFs included in electronic Agendas may be large in size.)

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Date Agenda and Memos Size Format
05/05/14 ExecAgenda_050514 31.78 KB PDF
03/03/14 ExecAgenda_030314 24.69 KB PDF
02/03/14 ExecAgenda_020314 24.74 KB PDF
12/09/13 ExecAgenda_120913 24.61 KB PDF
09/03/13 ExecAgenda_090313 19.39 KB PDF

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